Friday, April 10, 2009

we are the sleepyheads

boyfriend's gap cardigan sweater, thrifted floral dress, prada lace up booties

I've worn this cardigan every day since I nabbed it from my boyfriend's closet on Tuesday. It's perfect for that "don't mind me, I just rolled out of bed" look I've adopted these past few weeks as school gets more stressful and demanding. I'm not even joking when I say that it takes me thirty minutes to get ready now since I sleep in so much. Sleeping > fashion, imho.

(this is probably not the best way to start a fashion blog, is it...?)


fklt* said...

love the super dorky asian peace sign! :D been a fan of you since chictopia and love your tumblr! :) just wanted to say hi! :)


style-magnet said...

Yay, I'm excited!

♥ Sara (tumblr: aristobrat)

Fashion Is Poison said...

yessssssssss! :D

Christine said...

Yay! I've been stalking your Tumblr (slash Chictopia when you were more active on it) for the longest time. Wow, I sound like a creep. Anyway, I'm super excited that you got a blog!

elsalvador said...

Hello Anabelle! I'm excited to read your blog. I'm a friend of Karen's and I have also stalked you on Chictopia. Would you mind it if I linked you?

elsalvador said...

Noooo, I spelled your name wrong. *Shame*

Diana said...

I love that cardigan!

Alice X said...

goddd you are SOOo rad and gorgeous. i lovee this look. and oh yeah, your bangs. they rule

d-nyce said...

yay so happy you finally started a blog!!!! i've been following you on chictopia and tumblr AND EVEN twitter!!! haha so i hope you update your blog often ;)

- denise ^^

Sarah Chow said...

god i throw the peace sign up every time i get drunk and see a camera.

linking you! but i rarely update my blogspot too, tumblr/twitter are so much more fun?

sarah/fresh007 from LJ

hazel said...

your tumblr is one my favorites ;)
but i'll still leave your tumblr link on my blog, just because it's awesome!

Fashion Fille said...

you're so gorgeous, i'm so jealous.

cocorosa said...

love this, awesome :)

belinda said...

Oh ho ho, I can't handle having anything more than blogspot, haha! I neglect my weardrobe and chictopia accounts :(

Rylie said...

I love that outfit.
I wish my "I just rolled out of bed" look was this classy <3

adrienne said...

cute blog! will def be checking in ;)

jessica ann said...

i love this a lot, work it girl! xo

Shelby said...

i love you shoes...i totally want a pair!

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Hahaha, cardigan nabbers 4 life! I'm so stoked you've got a blog now, I'm adding your fine self to my 'roll :n )

Lydia said...

YAYAY!!!! I'm super happy you bit the bullet and got a blog. I'm excited to see what's next =D

The Stylish Wanderer said...


claudya putri said...

i'm your fan annabel ! linked u . (:

Gelabo said...

i've wondered why you haven't been updating your Chictopia! turns out you've been busy w/ this!

you always look gorgeous, imo, & people would easily have an e-crush on you (including me). [/creep]

looking forward for more of your posts! your blog is definitely going to be a hit. :D

--gelabo from LJ

Lorraine. said...

COOL!I'll be following you!

Corinna said...

why can't my boyfriend a) wear cardigans and b) be a bit taller&bigger than i am

sabrina j. said...

i love your floral dress + your messy bed hair. you're too cute. yayyy, i've been a fan of your tumblr and chictopia. will be looking forward to more posts. :D

liana said...

i love boyfriend clothes.
and cute floral dress.
third time is definately a charm..

jie said...

i choose sleep over fashion more than i should
yay for a blogspot!

brittany said...

yay you started one! for some reason i always thought you had one and was shocked to see you werent on my google reader.

add me if you please (

Champagne said...

Sweet, nice to see you jump on the blogspot bandwagon.

Mads said...

Hey you kinda look like Daisy Lowe..=) I'm linking you..

STARR said...

So cute! I love the hair

TheMinx said...

Love the boots, your style is adorable. Trade links?

Mega said...

*sqeal* You have a blog!!! Finally!!!

jess said...


Claudia said...

i love your dress so much!

Jessica said...

ooh i'm happy you've started a blogspot!! I love your chictopia and tumblr!! I'll be linking you! :)

lulu said...


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blog mode said...

perfect outfit, as always :)

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